ScanSnap iX100 and the 180 Steps in a Real Estate Transaction

Friday, November 7, 2014
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I recently reviewed a document which listed the 180 steps of a real estate transaction. While I’ve never personally counted how many steps it takes from start to finish of a home sale, I do know there are more details than you might think. I’ve created systems in my business for pre-listing to post closing. Many of the steps of these systems involve paperwork, much of which I scan from my ScapSnap iX500 into document files. Several of those steps require obtaining documents from buyers and sellers, often at their homes. That is where I first encountered “the look”.

“The look” is the expression on a seller or buyer’s face when I ask them if I can borrow their important paperwork just until I can make a copy. While most real estate agents have access to copy machines and scanners in their homes, many clients do not. Important paperwork might include maps, deeds, pay stubs and tax records.

The new ScanSnap iX100 eliminates “the look” of concern. No worries about an agent losing their important paperwork. I’m now able to check off a few of those 180 steps and scan whatever paperwork I need into my iPad right at my client’s kitchen table. I can immediately email the documents to my administrative assistant or the client’s lender or attorney. Clients are quite impressed by how this technology works to simplify their transaction.

Linda Davis (@LindaDavis) is a ScanSnap Squad contributor, real estate broker, blogger, trainer, speaker, wannabe photographer, golfer, political junkie, and weather weenie.

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