Preserving Your Family’s Historical Articles

Friday, September 25, 2009
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Preserving Your Family's Historical Articles_1

After my husband’s grandfather passed away, his grandmother gave us several newspaper clippings and photos from grandpa’s tenure on the Navy football team in the 1940’s.  Like any family, we wanted to preserve this unique history and share it with all of his eight grandchildren.

To tackle this project, I used the ScanSnap S1500M, which comes equipped with a carrier sheet that provides protection for delicate documents such as 50+ year old newspaper clippings and photos.  The carrier sheet is a plastic paper holder that enables you to scan 1 delicate document at a time through the ScanSnap S1500M Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).  This process is a bit more tedious than what I’m used to since I normally scan several documents at a time with my ScanSnap.

It is also important to scan in simplex (1 sided) mode since in most instances I did not need the backside of the newspaper clipping.  I scanned both the articles and photos into JPEG files and then uploaded the images to create a photo book from Blurb.  See screen shot below:

Preserving Your Family's Historical Articles_2

ScanSnap has made scanning my family keepsakes so simple that I have decided to give every member of the family this football photo album for Christmas this year.  Now I just need to carve out some time to preserve and share my own newspaper clippings from high school, so my claim to fame as “Queen of the Soccer Field” will never be forgotten.

What family history do you have disintegrating in a box in the attic?

Megan Fowler
Marketing Communications Manager
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