Using ScanSnap to Help Out a Newly Independent Son

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
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My 22-year-old son graduated from college this past May, thankfully with good grades and a great job in New York City. He moved up to the Big Apple in August to start his new life, which included a lot of fun things, but also all the boring things one has to do as an adult. One of these tasks included finding himself a new primary care physician to replace the one he had while living at home. Once he had found a new doctor, one of the first things they asked him was for his medical records, such as his immunization records, recent lab results, etc. My son, of course, called me – the professional organizer – as he knew I would have all of this handy – which of course, I did. While I had his immunizations records and a few other files already scanned into a Dropbox folder called “Family Health and Medical/Medical Records/Family Member Name,” I still hadn’t gotten around to scanning all of them.

ScanSnap ix500

So the night he called me, I sat down and used my Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 to scan the rest of his records into the Dropbox folder. It was quite a trip down memory lane, reading over and scanning the information about his various trips to the ER, colds, broken bones, and height and weight charts from his pediatrician going all the way back to infancy! I even had put in a list of his first words in his medical chart, which I scanned into my Family Memorabilia folder, rather than his medical folder (he can have those later when he has his own children!). I then shared the Dropbox folder with him so he can access it and download whatever information he needs for his new doctor. It felt great to get rid of one more folder from my file cabinet and to know that my son now is in control of his own medical information.

Penny Catterall
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