My Head and Work are in the Clouds with ScanSnap Cloud

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
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More often than I care to think about, I need to send documents from my computer to the cloud. Cards, exhibits, legal items for trial or conference, business receipts, you name it. With the new ScanSnap Cloud, I no longer need to have my computer with me to make it happen!


I only need to have my small portable ScanSnap iX100, a Wi-Fi connection and an account with a cloud provider; mine is Google Drive. After that, all I have to do is place the documents listed above into the scanner, click a single button and voila, the magic happens – my cloud service has them almost instantaneously. Oh and don’t worry, it works with too many Cloud services to even list here.

It gets even better because with this new functionality you get automatic color detection, skew correction, cropping, page size detection, quality and orientation, blank page removal and bleed removal. It’s amazing that scanning has become so automated.

This new cloud solution is so revolutionary I can’t see how anyone can practice law without having the service. It’ll free up your time and help you de-clutter your desk and briefcase. If you had to choose one item to get for a law practice, I can’t see how you would pass it up. Put your head in the ScanSnap Cloud and your mind will be at ease!

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