ScanSnap 1 – Medical Documents 0

Thursday, November 17, 2016
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Bills, statements, advertisements. Items that most have grown to expect with every trip to the mailbox. My family possessed the same sentiment. We could handle it. Well, we could up until the moment when the number of important documents tripled.

Last March, my then two-year-old son began having stomach issues. A doctor appointment led to an ER visit, which resulted in an eight-day stay at the hospital. Those days were filled with physicians and nurses coming and going, monitoring, labs and even a surgical procedure.


After leaving the hospital, our weekly calendar consistently included follow-up appointments and trips to the lab for tests. From an emotional standpoint, it was a lot to deal with. Another overwhelming element – stacks of paper. Bills, notes from the doctor, notes we took while at the doctor, release paperwork, lab request, lab results…. endless amounts of paper.

At first, we thought a designated binder would keep us organized and solve the paper clutter issue. WRONG! We were so busy. Some documents made it; some didn’t. If a document made it, it was thrown in and not filed in a methodical way, and that’s as good as creating a stack. Then a scenario came up where we knew we paid a bill but needed to verify it with our Health Care FSA management company. After hours of searching, we couldn’t locate proof of payment and had to write a check to resolve the issue. We were frustrated and needed a better solution to get organized while getting rid of all the paper in our house. Insert ScanSnap.

With the help of the iX500, we were able to say bye-bye to all of the physical paperwork. Within minutes we scanned everything that had accumulated over the past year. It was as if a weight was being lifted off of our shoulder after every click the blue button. Click, scan, ahh!

Another lifesaver – the new ScanSnap Cloud solution. Since we had already installed the Mac OS software, every scanned document automatically went to our cloud service provider of choice – Google Drive. From that moment on, whether we were at home or on the go we could access the documents.

Hooray for ScanSnap! Thanks for helping us win the battle of the never ending medical documents.

Ed McClendon
Digital Marketing Specialist
Voce Communications