I Dream of Digital

Monday, April 18, 2011
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With the passing of the April 18 tax deadline, we decided this was a good time to provide some insight from a CPA who’s looking at things with a new perspective – a digital perspective. Over the past several months, the CloudSolutions Alliance, including Fujitsu ScanSnap, SpeedTax, XCM Solutions, and most recently SmartVault, has been preaching the benefits of SaaS, paperless, and Cloud technologies. Nobody understands this message better than Jason Blumer, CPA.CITP, CFE of Blumer & Associates, CPAs, PC. Jason’s enthusiasm for Cloud solutions led to his creation of THRIVEal +CPA Network, a community focused on forward thinking technologies and the future of the CPA industry. Jason recently shared his dream of a world where tomorrow’s thinking is today’s reality:

I dream of a digital world, where everyone is more efficient and have ceased to be bound by the location of their work or service to their customers.  Our firm has been the beneficiaries of a digital process.  And I’ve noticed three things as our firm has moved into the cloud and gone virtual:

(1) Operating in the Cloud brings greater efficiencies unknown to most businesses,
(2) Digital interactions with our clients brings greater service to them, and
(3) We need greater hardware to turn our world into a digital world.

Greater Efficiencies

You won’t experience the ultimate efficiencies in your company until you make it a goal to go digital within your business processes.  What does that even mean?  It means making specific goals to take all of your interactions with clients and vendors into the cloud.  It means planning that all of your processes will be cloud-based within a certain time frame.  And this ultimately brings greater efficiencies to your business that most businesses will never experience.  This is because older paper-based systems within a business process are so restricting.  If you still run your business with paper, then you are bound by how fast human labor can move paper around and by the location of that paper.

Greater Service

Another surprise we noticed after going digital was that service to our clients improved.  We can be faster and we can interact with them more transparently.  And we can offer this service no matter where our team is located and no matter where our clients are located (which is all over the world).  Since we deploy cloud business systems to our clients too, all of our interactions can be immediate, offering greater service.  And we have developed new expertise in teaching the clients best practices as they interact with their business process within a new digital world.  Now our clients are experiencing the joy of becoming digital!

Greater Hardware

With the need to transform our world into a digital workplace comes the need for greater hardware to get the job done.  You’ve probably noticed that our world is still based on paper.  You still receive a receipt at the grocery store and you still receive invoices in the mail from your suppliers.  This just shouldn’t be.  Fujitsu, which makes our favorite scanners, can turn paper into a beautiful foundation for future efficient workflows in your business!  The collaborative nature of the Fujitsu product allows you to put your scanned documents right into the product you use the most (Evernote, Google docs, Excel, Word, etc.).  They’ve built workflow right into the “digital creation process.”  I love their ability to turn paper into digital.  Fujitsu is leading the way in this quest to create a digital world, offering all of the benefits that come with a digital world.

I dream of digital.  I dream of a world where systems run on digital juice.  I dream of a world where businesses experience the greater efficiencies and service because they made the move to work digitally in all aspects of their business process.  I dream of a scanner on every desk.  But we aren’t there yet.  Our world still loves paper because we can’t see what it is doing to our processes.  It’s slowing us down, hurting our customers and keeping our innovations at bay.

But for those who get it, we find a great passion in turning their world into a digital world, and teaching them how to interact within that new world.  Digital is definitely coming.  It has to.  It’s just a better way to work.  Over time, I’m convinced that more and more businesses will see the benefits of digital business systems… and we’ll keep preaching until everyone is converted!

Jason M. Blumer, CPA.CITP, CFE
Chief Innovation Officer
Blumer & Associates, CPAs, PC
Twitter: @jasonmblumer
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BlumerCPAs