A Silent Film, a Menu, and a Scanner

Monday, July 2, 2012
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A group of us went to see Napoleon at the Paramount in Oakland, CA its first weekend, and as you may know, it started at 1:30pm and went to 9pm with two potty breaks and one dinner break. I am paranoid about promptitude and had visions of our group being halfway through the soup when we would have to jump up run back to the theater for the second half of the great silent epic. This problem would be averted, I concluded, by sending everyone to the restaurant’s online site beforehand to check out the menu so we would have orders in hand when we walked in the door (big group of seven people). To my dismay, the restaurant’s website was down, so I went to the restaurant, got a menu and (your pulse quickens as you anticipate what is to come) scanned the menu and sent the PDF to each member of the group.

Here’s our happy ending: orders ready, service prompt, back in our seats in plenty of time. Too bad, my wife said, we couldn’t have scanned a couple more women’s restrooms!

Michael Robertson (@jmr1944) is a ScanSnap Squad contributor, as well as a journalism professor at the University of San Francisco. A Pulitzer-nominated journalist, Michael has worked for the Atlanta magazine and The San Francisco Chronicle.