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Monday, July 30, 2012
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I have a confession: my friends call me a “hoarder.” Now, just to be clear, I am not a hoarder like you see on TV; however, I do keep things to help preserve great memories. As part of my hoarder collection, I have every dyed, sparkly shoe, corsage, and… Well, those beautiful dresses from every high school dance I ever went to. One good use: my nieces are starting to wear these to costume parties (not sure how I feel about that just yet).

Amazingly, I’m about to have a milestone reunion. The one where you are actually interested in seeing the people you graduated high school with AND their children. I’m from a small class of around 150 students, most of whom I have known since birth. So I’ve been thinking, what can I contribute to our reunion besides that fine, formal wardrobe?

A few months ago I came across a box I needed to move. Inside were a few plastic charm necklaces and Garbage Pail kids from 6th grade. I also found shoebox upon shoebox full of notes that were passed to me throughout my school days. From the time I was in grade school, I never threw away a passed note. I’d come home, open my closet door, and deposit them into empty shoeboxes. What fantastic material to work with! Thinking of what I could do with these, I immediately thought of my ScanSnap S1300. Let’s go digital!

Carefully unfolding these origami-like “antiques”, I picked some of the best notes (nothing to embarrass anyone, of course). “Are you going to the Cellar after the game? “Kelly is too afraid to talk to you, but she really likes you. Do you want to go with her? Circle yes or no.” I could go on and on. After scanning, I’ve been working at both making them into a collage and into a digital slideshow that can play on a TV screen or projector at the reunion while people are mingling. Thanks to my ScanSnap S1300, this project was a total breeze and not a messy chore. What a fantastic way to share memories, start discussions of our school days, and most importantly to me, laugh!

Shayna Chapman (@ShaynaCPA) is a ScanSnap Squad contributor and managing member of Chapman & Burris CPAs LLC, specializing in the fields of Business and Individual Taxation and Small Business Accounting Technology and Information Systems.

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