Going Digital in the Crazy World of Education

Tuesday, January 8, 2013
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I’m not a huge fan of paper. I like to keep my desk clear of it. And yet, when you are a student, paper is inevitable. Professors give you handouts, certificates are mailed to you, and of course there are the notes. Notes from classes, notes from meetings, they all pile up, making it impossible to search through and stay organized. But just in time, in come ScanSnap and Evernote: my own pair of technological superheroes.

When I go back to my dorm at the end of each day, I take out any paper that I’ve accumulated and feed it through my ScanSnap S1100. Incorporating those PDFs into Evernote and Dropbox, I know that I will have everything with me at all times, rather than just when I have my paper notes on hand. Plus, I save my back from lugging around a huge binder for each of my classes.

In college, simplicity is key. I needed a quick and easy solution that was going to give me excellent results. Nothing has worked better for me than my ScanSnap. It makes getting my notes and documents into digital form, well, a snap!

Megan Cotter (@OtterMC) is a student at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in English Writing and Communication.