The ScanSnap Product Family Welcomes New Book and Over-Sized Document Scanner

Monday, October 7, 2013
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If you’ve followed us over the past ten years, you’ve seen the ScanSnap product family grow from a single desktop scanner offering to include multiple mobile and portable versions. Today, the family grows again with the introduction of the ScanSnap SV600, adding an entirely new document imaging feature set to the ScanSnap scanner line.

The magic of the SV600 lies in its ability to quickly and easily digitize bound, fragile and large documents such as books, magazines, newspapers, drawings, photos, paintings, business cards and much more. Of course, the SV600 still maintains the ScanSnap legacy of providing easy-to-use one-button scanning and advanced imaging technology, but what’s different is it utilizes a compact overhead scanning design to turn hard-to-scan objects into PDF or JPEG files. Check out the video below for a quick peek at the SV600 in action:

As you can see, it can scan large documents up to 1.18 inches high and 11” x 17” in length in less than 3 seconds (600dpi, color) and is capable of scanning multiple documents at the same time, such as business cards or photos, which can then be automatically cropped into individual digitized documents.

The SV600 is also equipped with new “Versatile Imaging Technology” (VI Technology) allowing the scanner to minimize the unevenness in image quality and generate a smooth, uniform digital image that looks natural to the reader’s eye. This is important when scanning thick, bound and uneven documents such as books, magazines and artwork. Its overhead scanning perspective also gives you the ability to scan valuable and delicate documents without ever touching the surface.

The new scanner also includes “Book Image Correction” and “Page Turning Detection” functionality. The Book Image Correction compensates for the curvature in open books or magazines and automatically corrects the distortion in the scanned image, and then you can confirm and fine-tune the images on the preview dialog after scanning. Its Page Turning Detection automatically identifies when a page is turned for continuous, hassle-free one-button scanning as you can see in the video.

Now, let’s dig deeper into some of the other unique features of the SV600 that provide customers with a simple, efficient, and affordable way to preserve those hard-to-scan documents:

Digital Book Filing Cabinet Creation: Bundled with Rack2-Filer Smart with Magic Desktop, users are able to efficiently scan books or magazines and organize them into graphical e-binders and virtual cabinets. Simply place a bound document under the scanner and let its “Book Image Correction” do the work. Users can then fine tune scanned images in the preview dialog if necessary, create thumbnails using the front and back cover of a scanned book, and file away in the virtual bookshelf for anywhere, anytime access of their digitized books.

Customizable Quick Menu: For additional convenience and flexibility, the ScanSnap Quick Menu is fully customizable and automatically appears after scanning providing a quick and easy way to send those scanned documents to several popular “Scan-To” applications.

Cloud Services Support: Users can scan documents directly to Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox, and SugarSyncfrom their computer, giving them even more flexibility to store, share and access their paperwork.

Scan-to Functions: Offers users a flexible way to manage PDF, searchable PDF and JPEG files, providing them with an easy way to scan to a folder, attach scans to an email, send scans to a printer, as well as to a variety of cloud-based repositories like Evernote, Dropbox, and others.

ScanSnap Manager: Provides users with one button searchable PDF creation, access to intelligent features and custom scan settings (profiles) for simple operation with sophisticated results.

ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap: ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap allows users to be productive by quickly transforming their paperwork into editable Word, Excel and PowerPoint files at the push of a button.

We’re excited to offer our customers another unique, powerful, and completely different technique for scanning their documents. Over the coming months we’ll be providing more tips and tricks on how to take full advantage of the ScanSnap SV600’s features in different environments – both professional and personal. You can read more about the SV600 here.

Jordyn Russell
Marketing Communications Manager
Fujitsu Computer Products of America