Streamline Expense Reporting by Going Paperless with ScanSnap and Shoeboxed

Thursday, October 24, 2013
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For small business owners, transitioning to paperless expense reporting is an efficient and economical method to keep track of their expenses, develop robust reporting systems, and eliminate unnecessary paperwork. Michael Hourigan from Fujitsu partner Shoeboxed argues in an article on DocumentSnap, that small business owners can benefit by going paperless through utilizing a ScanSnap scanner in tandem with applications like Shoeboxed.
As Hourigan discusses in this article, converting to digital expense reporting can remove unnecessary hassles: “Paper expense reporting is inefficient and uneconomical. Receipts and reports can easily get misplaced, especially while traveling and working from remote locations.”
Small business owners can either scan documents with their ScanSnap or photograph receipts with their smartphones, instantly transferring these documents to digital records on their Shoeboxed account. This transition to cloud-based apps is a crucial best practice for businesses to develop efficient organizational methods to save time, money and the additional headache of organizing expense documents.

Jordyn Russell
Marketing Communications Manager
Fujitsu Computer Products of America

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