Being Thankful for Today One Day at a Time

Friday, November 15, 2013
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As 2013 draws to a close, the old saying “time passes quickly when you are having fun” has come to mind. First, it’s hard to believe that the year-end holidays are just around the corner. This has truly been an amazing year full of love, fun, giggles and laughs.

This year marks several monumental events in my life, all of them I am humbled by and grateful for. If you take them one by one they are minor, but by taking a few moments to reflect on them I am able to see what a powerful year this has been.

First off, in March Gayle and I celebrated 20 years together. That is an amazing gift in this day and age where over 50% of marriages end in divorce. We are committed to one another, honest and open, and work through any hard issues that come our way. Sure, we face the challenges of being a same-sex couple, but at the same time we are open about being a couple and are treated with the respect all couples have. This year we also celebrated five years of being legally married (back in 2008) and in June we celebrated the fact that we are now federally recognized as a couple. It is a wonderful gift that we never take for granted.

In October I was on vacation on the Big Island, right around the time of another major milestone in my life representative of many years of hard work, determination, and self-discipline. I was fortunate enough to share my experiences from across the last 30 years of this work with others striving for the same goal. It was a truly heartfelt event full of love, passion and friendship. I am humbled by all the gifts and lessons I have received by taking life one day at a time.

Indeed, 2013 has passed quickly. However, it has been a soulful year and one filled with gifts to be appreciated and held close in memories.

What are you grateful for? How do you celebrate life? What are your heartfelt gifts?

Lorene Romero
Squad member, Mac Expert

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