How to Add Pages into an Existing PDF Using ScanSnap Organizer (PC)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
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Have you ever needed to add pages into a document that you already scanned, but you’re unsure how? I was confronted with this issue when I had to add invoices that I received after a trade-show to the original file. I would sit at my computer and struggle on how to add the new pages in using Adobe. My past procedure was to scan the new documents and save them into an entire separate folder. From there, I would open the existing document, select ‘Add’, and spend wasteful minutes searching for the new document. I have always wondered if there was an easier way. Luckily, I realized – there is! Using ScanSnap Organizer you can streamline the process of adding pages into existing PDF documents. Here’s how:


  1. Start by opening ScanSnap Organizer and then open the document that you would like to add new pages. If the document is not in ScanSnap Organizer you can drag and drop the PDF into Organizer.
  2. Once you have the document open, open your ScanSnap, place the new documents in the feeder and press the blue ‘Scan’ button. When the new pages finish scanning, you will see a notification asking where you would like to add those pages.
  3. Select the order of the documents and save.  Once you saved the new document and closed the preview window, you can easily drag and drop your document back into the original folder that it came from. Or, you have the option to leave it in your folder structure within ScanSnap Organizer.

It’s as easy that! Give this process a try and let us know how it works for you via Twitter and Facebook! We love to hear how you’re scanning.

Allie Rumpanos
Business Development
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.

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