How Can I Convert my ScanSnap .PDF Documents to .TIF or JPG?

Monday, June 14, 2010
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Now using Fujitsu ScanSnap, you can scan any shape or size document directly into Infonic Document Manager Business Edition and choose what format to save them as – .PDF, .JPG, or .TIF. 

Infonic also interfaces directly with Microsoft applications using the MS Office add-in feature. Full Text Searching is a breeze with “OCR on the fly” capabilities to give you the means to search across all documents.

How does it work?

With the Document Manager by Document Logistix Business Edition Profile configured (see instruction guide HERE – link to how to guide), simply place documents into ScanSnap and push the scan button. Once the document is scanned, Document Manager Business Edition will prompt the user with a screen asking where to save the scanned document.

Once desired destination is selected, user will be asked to identify the Document Type. Based on the configuration of Document Manager Business Edition, document types can be either pre-set at particular file formats, or users can chose to select at point of scan. Therefore allowing documents to be saved into the system as .PDF, .JPG, and even .TIF, giving you more flexibility!

Document Logistix can meet all your DM needs including:

  • Central control and management of documents
  • Disaster recovery
  • Full security, document access controls, audit trails and encryption
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved efficiency of document storage and retrieval
  • Assist with regulatory compliance
  • Store an unlimited number of documents
  • Configurable for all document management requirements

………and much more!  

See for yourself how Infonic Document Manager and Fujitsu ScanSnap will work in your environment by. To download a free trial version of Document Logistix’ Business Edition click here.

Once you’ve tried the Document Logistix / Fujitsu solution, you’ll never go back to a paper based system! 

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