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ScanSnap Scan2Cloud – About

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    What is ScanSnap Scan2Cloud?

    ScanSnap Scan2Cloud is the perfect compliment to your document imaging system allowing you to capture, index and store your important documents in the cloud so that they are accessible where ever you need them.  With FREE 5Gb of storage there is ample room to store your stuff and upgrades to larger storage will be available soon.

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    What does ScanSnap Scan2Cloud provide to me and my business?

    How is ScanSnap Scan2Cloud different than other cloud-based repositories?

    Although many types of electronic files can be stored here, ScanSnap Scan2Cloud is specifically designed to help users remain connected to their scanned content, employing advanced search and retrieval mechanisms that are typically found only in business-level content management systems.  Additionally, ScanSnap Scan2Cloud is optimized to work seamlessly with the ScanSnap product-line combining a proven history of scan-time simplicity with a new level of sophistication for managing your personal or business documentation from just about anywhere.

    Resource Center:

    The resource center is the place to go for help when you run into questions.  You will find a section for frequently asked questions and access to our extensive Knowledge Base that can help you to troubleshoot any situation that you run into.

    ScanSnap Scan2Cloud Resource Center

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Get 5GB of storage for FREE!

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ScanSnap users say …

I am making the paper-free office a reality. Forget about keeping bills or important correspondence. Those are now PDF files. Thank you, ScanSnap!

– John, Syracuse, NY

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Technical Assistance Center: 800-626-4686

Inside Sales: 888-425-8228

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