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ScanSnap iX100 – How to Use Direct Connect Mode 9.18.14
How to Quickly Convert a Paper Document to Word File Using ScanSnap 9.10.14
How to Transfer Scanned Documents on Your Mobile Device to Your Computer 9.5.14
How to Automatically Password Protect PDFs on Mac or PC with ScanSnap 8.27.14
How to Make a Scanning Profile Using ScanSnap Manager on a Mac 8.4.14
How to Switch Computers When Scanning Wirelessly 7.21.14
How to Use the ScanSnap SV600 to Scan Business Cards to CardMinder 7.18.14
How to Scan to Email with ScanSnap Manager Quick Menu On or Off 6.20.14
How to Use the ScanSnap SV600 Book Correction Tool 6.5.14
Scan to Print with ScanSnap Manager Quick Menu 5.21.14
How to Configure the ScanSnap iX500 for Wireless Scanning with a Different Router 5.8.14
How to Scan and Save a Document onto a Network Drive 4.28.14
Tax Tips to Make After April 15 4.24.14
How to Distribute Your Documents Using Keywords in ScanSnap Organizer on a PC 4.21.14
Scan to Folder with the ScanSnap Manager Quick Menu 4.8.14
Scan to Folder Without the Quick Menu 3.18.14
How do I Password Protect My Scanned Files in ScanSnap Manager? 3.3.14
How to Scan to an iOS or Android Device from a ScanSnap 2.21.14
How to Do Background Scanning on a Mac With the S1100 and S1300i 2.7.14
How to Rename Files in the ScanSnap Application on an iOS or Android Device 1.27.14
How to Automatically Redact Highlighted Text Using ScanSnap’s Keyword Highlighter Feature 1.24.14
How to Do Background Scanning on a Mac 1.23.14
What to Do When You Lose Your ScanSnap Software or Your Computer Doesn’t Have a CD Drive 12.11.13
Using Forms inMotion to Organize Your Documents with Windows 12.3.13
What Can Barcodes Do for You? 11.19.13
How to Perform Book Correction Using the SV600 11.18.13
How to Combine PDF Files into a Single PDF using Adobe Acrobat 11.14.13
How to Combine PDF Files Using Preview on Mac OSX 10.21.13
How to Change the File Name Format of Your Scans 10.3.13
How to Run OCR in Different Languages 9.16.13

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Upon transitioning from a PC to a MacBook Pro recently, I found my old fi-4120c wouldn’t work with the Mac so I ordered a brand new ScanSnap S1500M to go with my new laptop. Installation was a snap (pun intended). The Mac recognized the ScanSnap easily and I was up and running in no time. The S1500M recognizes every document’s characteristics automatically and adjusts for single or double sided scans, paper color and paper length. It’s just a joy to use and even superior to the 4120c’s older technology. – David, Albuquerque, NM

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