Reviews of the New Mobile ScanSnap S1300

Thursday, February 11, 2010
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What do people think of the new mobile ScanSnap S1300 Fujitsu launched this week?

CrunchGear and jkOnTheRun are among the first to weigh in.

See what they have to say…

Fujitsu hopes to tempt you with some of its delicious ScanSnap S1300 features including direct to PDF scanning as well as scanning directly into Excel spreadsheets… Almost everything you scan is searchable and you can even highlight tags and search terms with a highlighter. With tax season coming up, this might be a good way to store and send all of your precious W2s.CrunchGear

The road warrior is often confronted with leaving gear at home in order to keep the gear bag as light as possible. It can be a struggle to bring some gadgets along because they are too big and heavy to lug around on trips. Fujitsu understands that dilemma and has released a portable scanner that can come along for the ride with minimal fuss. The ScanSnap S1300… may be the most versatile of all portable scanners that came before.jkOnTheRun

Stay tuned for more on the ScanSnap S1300.

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