10 Fun and Creative Uses for Empty Filing Cabinets

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
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You’ve scanned all your paper files, shredded the confidential information and sent the scraps to recycling. But now what do you do with all your empty steel file cabinets? They’re in good shape and built to last:

  1. Organize your tools. Collect the power driver, duct tape, and picture hooks all together with your hammer and screwdrivers in one sturdy “file” drawer.
  2. Set up a healthy snack bar in your office. Inside a business-like file cabinet, stash granola bars, crackers, water, apples and oranges, bags of nuts – whatever you need for that extra burst of energy to get you through the afternoon.
  3. At home, sturdy file cabinets are ideal for holding sports gear. Strong sliding drawers can contain helmets, baseball gloves, dirty cleats, bike shoes, extra golf balls and tees, caps, eye protection, soccer balls, and yes, sweaty socks.
  4. Use it for your home recycling center. An empty file cabinet can hold a lot of paper bags, empty plastic bottles and used batteries. When the bag or bottle “file” is full, dump it in the bin for recycling.
  5. Now you have a place for all that computer stuff you can’t throw away. If you have a computer, you probably have a tangle of unused cables, software CDs, ink cartridges, a can of compressed air, extra mouse pads, etc.
  6. Holiday decorations. Outdoor lights, tinsel, Christmas tree stands, ornaments in boxes now have a place to hide and not get crushed…until next year.
  7. When the time is right, wouldn’t you love to grab a tent, sleeping bag and hiking shoes, throw them in the car and go camping? Now all your camping gear is right there in a drawer – grab and go!
  8. Accessible emergency gear. Here’s where flashlights and batteries, candles and strike-anywhere matches, jugs of water, a wind-up radio can find a home, even if you only need them in an electrical blackout.
  9. Donate them. Non-profits including housing associations, job counseling centers, food banks and neighborhood clinics have files and need someplace to store their client information and other important papers.
  10. Recycle them. Steel filing cabinets can be recycled to make new steel; 50% of all newly manufactured steel in the U.S. comes from recycled steel.

Kimberly Hogan, Business Development Manager
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.

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