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Wednesday, July 25, 2012
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We often get great questions from ScanSnap users, and even those interested in ScanSnap, on our Facebook and Twitter pages – and we wanted to share them! Below we’ve compiled a quick reference guide to some of the most common questions ScanSnap users have asked and included short answers and useful links to help answer them. Enjoy!

1)   Why don’t ScanSnap scanners come with TWAIN drivers?

Short answer: We simply can’t make ScanSnap the easy one-touch scanners they are while running on a TWAIN driver. Here’s why.

2)   I’m seeing streaks on my scans, how do I fix this?

This may be as easy as cleaning your ScanSnap to have it run at optimal performance. Here’s a short video on how to safely clean your scanner. If that doesn’t work, you might consider replacing your consumables. Here’s a quick guide you can follow.

3)   Paper is jamming when I scan, what’s going on?

We often recommend “prepping” your paper before you scan it in order to achieve a smooth scan. A how-to guide on the various methods can be found here.

4)   Does ScanSnap create multi-page or single-page PDFs?

Short answer: both. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to do either here.

5)   You released a new scanner (S1300i) in June 2012. Is the new software available for older models?

Yes,  it is also available for ScanSnap S1000 series owners. You simply need to perform an online update. Here’s how.

6)   Where can I purchase a ScanSnap scanner?

The Fujitsu site is your one-stop shop to purchasing a scanner, comparing the different models (S1100/S1300i/S1500/S1500M) and purchasing the one that is right for you.

7)   Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) is great, but it can slow down the scanning process. How can I streamline this?

If you’re a Mac user, here’s a video on how to “batch OCR” documents AFTER you have scanned them.

For PC users, you may simply “batch” the documents that you scan together and separate them once they are scanned. For instructions on how to create multiple PDFs, see question 4.

8)   Whenever I scan a document, I get a ScanSnap Manager pop-up afterwards. How can I turn this feature off?

This is a simple settings fix. Through the ‘S’ button on your ScanSnap Manager, you’ll see that ‘Show scanning results’ will be checked. In order to prevent this pop-up, simply uncheck this feature.

9)    What is the best way for me to get tech support?

The best way to reach tech support is to give them a call at: 1-800-626-4686.

Harman Bola
Product Marketing
Fujitsu Computer Products of America

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