ScanSnap iX500 and Time, A Restaurateurs’ Two Best Friends

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
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Owning a restaurant group is constant mayhem. When guests ask me about my workday, my explanation is that I am the one that “puts out fires.” From the normal duties of getting all the managers and chefs the products and equipment they need to serve guests properly, to making sure that the entertainment is booked and shows up on time. In addition to the “everyday” comes the unforeseen; water leaks that may ruin part of the restaurant, equipment that breaks down at 8:00 on a Friday night, the heat stops working and those two o’clock in the morning calls that the alarm is going off.  Welcome to my world, or better yet, my holiday season, where not one minute of my day slows down until midnight on December 31st where the toast not only means the ringing in of a new year, but also all the holiday chaos, that I have come to enjoy I might add, has come to an end.

As I make my way through my days I get handed a lot of paper, end of the year paperwork, liquor license applications, insurance paperwork, government letters, tax info, it never stops.

Up until now I’ve had it pretty good with my ScanSnap. I could just load the paperwork into my ScanSnap, press the button, and when all pages were scanned in I could choose where to archive that stack of info. I didn’t realize that the system could get better until now.

With the introduction of the iX500, I am able to save even more time in my day to deal with bigger issues. Now when I have a stack of paperwork that I need to unload, I enter the restaurant and place the stack of paper into the scanner like I always do. Rather than wait for the paperwork to go through, I walk away, whip out my iPhone, hit the scan button within the ScanSnap Connect app, and by the time I finish my business and walk out of the restaurant, I am leaving with the stack of paperwork in my phone. No more waiting for the pages to scan before choosing how to handle them.

The best part is that all my managers share this function and can scan to their devices wirelessly without having to email themselves a copy from the local machine.  A restaurateurs’ most valuable commodity is time, and now a have a little more of it.

Patrick Albrecht is an award-winning chef and owner of the Atlanta-based restaurant group, Great Food Group Inc.