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    Below you will find exclusive offers from some of our partners on top software programs that enhance the ScanSnap experience. Just another way the ScanSnap makes your life easier!

    ABBYY FineReader OCR and ABBYY PDF Transformer perfectly compliment your ScanSnap scanner – by transforming data that’s trapped in paper and digital files into information you can easily store, access and use. Fast and accurate, FineReader turns scans, PDFs and images into editable and searchable files in the format of your choice – no retyping or reformatting necessary. And with PDF Transformer you have the power to create PDFs directly from Microsoft Office applications with a click, combine multiple files into one PDF and modify your results: You can redact sensitive information, add bates stamps, turn files into searchable and protected PDF documents, save them to PDF/A format…and more! Plus, each is available with a 25% discount for ScanSnap users.Click here to boost productivity and save money with ABBYY FineReader and PDF Transformer

    Acct1st DMS™ is the only $1 per day (hosted or internal model) Document Management System (DMS). The Acct1st DMS™ is a robust, yet simple, DMS and Workflow software application that integrates seamlessly with the Fujitsu ScanSnap and all Fujitsu scanners. This easy-to-use application offers fully-functional document management, searching, indexing, records retention, security, workflow, portal, secure e-mail system, disaster recovery and many more paperless features all for about $1 per day per user. Special ScanSnap Community offer: Receive 20% MSRP on software purchase by entering promo code “ScanSnapATG”.Click Here To Learn More About DMS, Portal and Workflow

    DEVONthink Pro Office is your Mac paperless office. Organize and work with all your documents — bookmarks, email messages, text files, images, PDFs — in one place, regardless where they originated. Quickly capture data without interrupting your workflow. DEVONthink’s unique AI assists you in getting the most out of your data collection. Scan your papers with the ScanSnap for Mac, archive your email directly from any popular Mac email application, and share your archive using the built-in interactive web interface with Macs, Windows PCs, and iPhones the like. Special ScanSnap Community offer: 10% OFF MSRP – click on link below to see rebate. Click here to purchase DEVONthink for Mac

    Document management is no easy task; it’s often time-consuming, frustrating, and—worst of all—ineffective. Fortunately, DocShelf provides businesses with a simple alternative to this cumbersome task. With our systematic approach, you can store and organize your files securely on the web. Wave goodbye to bursting filing cabinets and unorganized PDF documents: a new era has come. In DocShelf advanced index fields are used to categorize and retrieve your documents. This makes finding and working with your documents more expeditious and effective. Also, you can organize pages within a document by tabs and add pages to an existing document. Moreover, user permissions can be specified on actions (like viewing, moving, printing, editing and sharing) which can be performed on the document or a page within a document. Our lightweight DocShelf Uploader utility allows for an easy integration with ScanSnap scanners and virtual printing directly to DocShelf. Click here to try DocShelf free for 30 days.
    Click here to learn more about using ScanSnap with DocShelf’s one button indexing system.

    Document Logistix creates document management solutions that help to eliminate the use of paper, improve records management and automate business processes. Document Logistix provides uniquely affordable and scalable document management software, Document Manager, to an ever expanding range of SME and blue chip clients around the globe. Document Logistix’ software is compatible with Fujitsu’s production scanners.Click here to learn more about how the Document Manager by Document Logistix works with ScanSnap
    Evernote helps you remember and access your ideas, experiences, and documents from every computer and mobile device you use, even from the web. Evernote has three main features: it lets you capture all types of content –scanned documents, clipped web pages, images, and files; it makes this content instantly available everywhere; and it makes printed or handwritten text within images searchable. Best of all – Evernote is free!Click here to get Evernote How Evernote works with ScanSnap

    Easily manage your organization’s forms through ScanSnap’s integration with KeyMark’s Forms inMotion. Forms inMotion enables businesses to centrally manage all of its business forms, providing users with the latest copies of the forms they need, even from their tablet devices. You can now access Forms inMotion from your ScanSnap scanner. Simply scan files associated with your forms, enter a few key values about the data (such as customer name, invoice number, etc.) and click “save”. Forms inMotion automatically builds folders in your document library with the names you specify, and you can easily find the forms and forms data you need via the Forms inMotion interface. Eliminate your fear of losing form data with Forms inMotion. Click here to take a look at the integration and for a free 30-day trial of Forms inMotion.

    <image001Gillware Online Backup automatically and securely backs up all of your business critical documents. Your files are compressed, encrypted and sent via the internet to a SAS-70 data center. Gillware Online Backup is reliable, easy to use and fully supported. You can backup on demand or customize a scan schedule. Gillware Online Backup offers personal Advanced Technical Reviews to ensure your backups are properly configured. Fujitsu ScanSnap customers receive 4GB’s of free backup storage space. Storage beyond the 4GB’s of free space costs $0.50 per compressed GB. Start protecting your business critical files today with Gillware Online Backup.

    To get started place this link in your web browser: backupsetup.com/scansnap

    Home Document Manager is a simple, easy-to-use software application designed to take the pain out of paperwork. If you have a scanner in your study or home office, then you can use Home Document Manager to quickly scan and organize your documents, keeping them safe and making them easy to find later. Now with full support for Microsoft Office documents.Click here and enter coupon code SCANSNAPCOMMUNITY to receive a special 10% discount off of Home Document Manager How Home Document Manager works with ScanSnap
    Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks is an add-on check processing service available for QuickBooks desktop financial software. It enables small businesses to electronically deposit checks directly from their QuickBooks desktop software, saving time and eliminating trips to the bank. Payments received are automatically reconciled so QuickBooks is always up to date. Click here to get Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks How Intuit works with ScanSnap
    KnowledgeLake Imaging Server software transforms SharePoint into a production imaging system capable of meeting high-volume needs. KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint is an enterprise scalable and comprehensive SharePoint ECM solution for searching, viewing, securing, routing and annotating your company’s mission critical electronic content. It is more capable than even the more expensive legacy ECM applications, and since the KnowledgeLake Document Imaging solution is built entirely within Microsoft SharePoint, it is easy to implement, easy to administer, and is low risk and low cost. Click here to learn how to scan to Microsoft SharePoint with ScanSnap
    KnowledgeTree makes sharing content and controlling document processes simple with secure, affordable online document management solutions for growing SMBs and departments at larger companies. Designed for business professionals, KnowledgeTree is easy to use, does not require extensive training and enables content to be accessed and managed anytime, anywhere via cloud computing. Hot Folders allow for automatic uploading of scanned content into KnowledgeTree. Furthermore, KnowledgeTree accelerates return on investment by streamlining document-centric business processes and increasing collaboration with workflow, document alerts, version control and full transaction histories. Click here to learn more or try KnowledgeTree free for 14 daysHow KnowledgeTree works with ScanSnap
    Paperless, award-winning software for the Mac and Win from Mariner Software, helps to cut through clutter. Seamlessly integrated with the ScanSnap line, Paperless allows you to keep up and maintain the task of organizing all your receipts, documents and business cards. Simply scan the paper and the OCR technology of Paperless recognizes much of the scanned data. Add details, assign categories, make notes. Don’t scramble around searching for documents. Take your scanned paper and organize it into Smart Collections. Keep track of expenses and view spending habits, by creating custom reports. Create a database for product manuals and more. Have documents in PDFs or other file formats? No problem. Drag and drop them into Paperless. Paperless will keep you neat and organized. Special ScanSnap Community offer: 30% off a boxed or download copy of Paperless when you enter promo code: “FUJPAP113” in the Mariner Software eStore. Click here to purchase Paperless for Mac or Win.      How Mariner works with Paperless.
    M-Files is an easy to use document management solution that helps businesses make dramatic gains in efficiency and productivity by improving organization and management of business documents, information, and processes. M-Files is available as an on-premise or Cloud solution and is used at over 14,000 customer sites in over 70 countries worldwide. Users can quickly tag documents with a few key words and quickly access documents through an easy to use Windows Explorer interface. In addition to supporting scanned documents from the ScanSnap, key features include secure access permissions, version control, check-in/check-out, workflow, and email support. M-Files is used in many industries such as accounting, architecture, engineering, construction, legal, manufacturing, medical and healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences, and real estate. Click here for a Free Document Management Strategy Assessment
    Mobile Monitor Technologies (MMT) specializes in light-weight, durable portable displays for accounting, financial and other mobile professionals. Using two or more monitors can provide as much as 35% more productivity than computing on a single display, prompting the introduction of MMT’s notebook companion, Field Monitor Pro™. Field Monitor Pro™ is the world’s only clamshell portable monitor. Its patent pending design makes it the largest, most versatile and durable mobile monitor for professionals on the move. With its built-in numeric keypad, unlimited viewing angles, and simple USB connectivity, it’s the perfect extra monitor for traveling to a client’s location, making presentations, or working from home. And when connected to ScanSnap’s S1100 or S1300 portable scanners, a fully functional mobile office is now a reality. Scan documents and view them instantly, in landscape or portrait mode; with Field Monitor Pro’s™ 15.4” screen, seeing more means getting more done. Click here to see a video of ScanSnap and Field Monitor Pro™ in actionClick here to learn more about Field Monitor Pro™ from Mobile Monitor Technologies, LLC
    Privately share your content and present: you can share your Moxtra binder securely with the relevant people in your team, or publically over social media. Moxtra is free.

    ND Official hi-resEstablished in 1998, with hundreds of thousands of users in 140 countries, NetDocuments has become the leader in cloud-based document and email management. NetDocuments offers a comprehensive suite of features and functionality, allowing the user to manage the entire lifecycle of document work, allowing for collaboration with others, on an anytime, anywhere, any-device platform. Through an automated scanning processes with Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners, documents can quickly be transitioned from paper to digital formats, increasing the speed of conversion and accessibility from any internet enabled device. For more information, call 1.866.638.3627. Click here for a free 30-day trial of NetDocuments

    Want to improve productivity in your organization? Presto! PageManager 9 and Presto! BizCard 6 are perfect solutions! Presto! PageManager 9 is much more than a powerful document management application for business or personal needs. With the new document and file management tools, it quickly accesses, locates and organizes all the images and scan documents easily. Presto! BizCard 6 is a complete contact management solution that lets you scan, edit and synchronize business card contacts to various contact management software applications. It captures and converts your business cards into a searchable and editable database. The information can be effortlessly exchanged between your laptop, PDAs and PIMs. You can also “one-click synchronize” your contacts with ACT!, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, as well as exporting to vCard or CSV format. Click here to check out exclusive offers from NewSoft How Presto! PageManager 9 Professional PC works with ScanSnap
    How Presto! PageManager 9 Mac works with ScanSnap
    OrganizeMY Electronic Filing Cabinet for Dummies is a Groundbreaking Document Management Software for your Desktop. An organizational software solution with preloaded folders designed for your needs conveniently located under My Documents in Windows®. This is organization For Dummies! Click here to get OrganizeMY Electonic Filing Cabinet for Dummies for PC How Org-Matters works with ScanSnap
    Oxygen is a virtual file system that enables businesses of all sizes to solve existing file sharing and workflow problems in new, fundamental ways. By extending the cloud to the desktop, storage devices, appliances and applications, Oxygen is bringing the power and reach of the Internet to places where users work and play. Special ScanSnap Community offer: Sign up and join the beta program for free with the ScanSnap Community activation code: “SCANSNAP” How Oxygen works with ScanSnap

    With PaperSave you have instantaneous on-screen access to any source document for over 25 transactions in QuickBooks without re-engineering your current process. Stop searching through mounds of paper in filing cabinets. PaperSave, the single step solution for your paper filing needs, works the way you do. Scan and store all your business documents without adding additional processes or time to your already busy work day. In fact, PaperSave is designed to eliminate costly paper filing and improve your daily efficiencies. Any source document can be found instantly on-screen, within the security confines of QuickBooks. PaperSave can be easily installed and your staff can be trained in a less than an hour without costly on-site assistance.How PaperSavePlus works with ScanSnap


    Sansan, Inc. is a contact management service provider that allows you to easily share business card information with your entire team. You can gain more efficiency by using ScanSnap as a unique Sansan scanner. Simply scan a business card that you receive and Sansan will upload that information to a cloud-based contact system, which is protected with the highest level of security. Not having to do any work yourself, the data on the business card will be transcribed accurately into editable fields. It will then automatically sync with your team’s email and phone applications, enabling you to manage all of your contacts in one place. Click here for a free basic plan of Sansan – the business card box for your team.

    Focus on scanning and let Shoeboxed take care of the tedious data entry. Enjoyed by thousands of ScanSnap users, Shoeboxed turns your scanned receipts and business cards into categorized, organized and searchable online data. Simply install the Fujitsu Profile Builder for Shoeboxed and let Shoeboxed’s free Desktop Uploader take care of the rest. All ScanSnap users receive a free online account where every IRS-accepted scan is categorized and safely stored forever. Shoeboxed integrates with dozens of accounting and CRM tools, allowing you to streamline your accounting, bookkeeping, and email marketing in seconds.
    Click here to start your free Shoeboxed trial account   How Shoeboxed works with ScanSnap

    SmartVault provides an easy way to store, access, and share files easily and securely. Access documents any time and from anywhere via a Web browser and get unique integration with popular applications such as QuickBooks®. By scanning directly to SmartVault with Fujitsu ScanSnap you can go paperless with ease, store and find files in familiar applications and access and share documents securely.

    Click here for a FREE SmartVault Lite PlanHow SmartVault works with ScanSnap




    Smile’s PDFpen and PDFpenPro bring powerful and easy PDF editing & OCR capabilities to documents scanned with ScanScap scanners! Add text, images and signatures, make corrections, fill out PDFpen forms, OCR scanned text, and export to Microsoft® Word.

    “PDFpenPro is the crème de la crème of PDF editing and annotating applications.” – Jeffery Battersby, Macworld, 4.5 Mice.

    With PDFpen you can make changes and mark up PDFs, add text, images and signatures. You can even correct text in the original PDF. Use PDFpen’s tools to highlight, underline, or strikethrough text. Add comments and notes to share with others. Remove private information with the redaction feature. Select the text you want to omit, and redact it with a black box or a blank space–either way, the text is removed from the document. Remove a word, phrase or social security number throughout a document with search-and-redact or search-and-remove. Scan documents directly into PDFpen via ScanSnap Manager and then use PDFpen’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on the scanned text, so you can search, edit, and copy it. Say goodbye to your fax machine! Instead of printing a contract to sign and mail back, you can add your signature to the PDF and email it.
    Click here to learn how PDFpen & PDFpenPro work with ScanScap.
    Click here for more information about the PDFpen product family.

    Speedy Organizer is used by individual business professionals and companies of all sizes, to manage their digital documents. Speedy Organizer simply, securely and automatically catalogs all of your digital documents. The documents can either have already been stored on your computer digitally, or as they are actually being scanned in from the paper originals. Once your documents are cataloged they can then be easily retrieved using our powerful “keyword” search facility directly from your desktop in just a few seconds. Documents can then be distributed via email to any geographic location worldwide in just a matter of minutes for free. Additionally, for those odd occasions when a hard copy might be required you can print or fax a document. Documents as they are cataloged can be assigned an administrative and user ID, ensuring secure access to either all or to specific critical and confidential documents. All digital documents can also be archived and backed up automatically so that you never lose a document again. All of these functions can be performed directly from within the Speedy Organizer system.

    Click here for a FREE Speedy Organizer trial to use with your ScanSnap How Speedy Organizer works with ScanSnap

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    Worldox®, the trusted DMS choice for 5,000+ organizations worldwide, offering unmatched email and document-handling flexibility, enabling users to quickly locate and share word processing files, spreadsheets, emails, scanned documents and digital content for effective collaboration. Worldox integrates directly with Fujitsu ScanSnap personal scanners. It’s plug and play and allows for fast, easy profiling and storage of scanned files directly into the Worldox document management system. Wherever… whenever…  however you want to work. Your choice – 3 delivery options: GX3 Professional, GX3 Enterprise or GX3 Cloud. Click here to request a free trial of Worldox GX3


    XCM empowers you to work more efficiently and productively by standardizing and automating all processes for completing work in all departments across the firm. By enabling a completely digital workflow process, XCM gives you a real-time view of the status of all work in progress – from the moment you scan the source documents (with ScanSnap, what else?!) to the time the final product is sent out to the client – capturing essential client service data throughout the process. Visit www.xcmsolutions.com to learn how XCM can help you achieve an efficient, digital workflow. Learn how XCM works with ScanSnap.