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Patrick Albrecht

Small Business

Growing up in Atlanta and being the son of a celebrity chef but also obsessed with computing, the occupational path for Patrick would not be clear until later on. Quite often in both elementary school and high school, he would tutor his classmates on technology and computer
lessons that would assist them in class, while working in his father’s restaurants on the weekends and summer breaks.

Pondering what to do after high school and discussing his options with his guidance counselor, he decided to fly one way to Europe on an open journey to see where life could go. There he decided to enroll in German language classes and take a job in a 3-star kitchen, a place he felt comfortable in. He understood the international language of cooking.

After spending nine years in Europe and attending universities, he came back to the United States with a culinary degree, a business degree, a teaching degree, and a degree in computer sciences, all earned at the University District in Munich, Germany. Spending time on both sides of the fence: owning an award winning restaurants in both Atlanta and Florida, and gaining recognition in tech world, it became an interesting mix of foodservice and technology both of which he became known for. At one point he owned “the most automated restaurant in America” while at the same time holding the title, “most vibrant bar scene in Atlanta” according to Open Table.

There came a crossroads where the decision had to be made, restaurant business or tech business? Knowing that the decision would not be easy as he loved aspects of both businesses, he went with his true obsession, technology. Now the days are spent pulling businesses into the modern era by eradicating antiquated business practices and reducing paper sorting to a thing of the past.

Latest Post From Patrick

Tax season is here, are you ready? The W-2’s, corporate tax returns, endless paperwork, and shoeboxes of receipts. Shoeboxes? Yes, shoeboxes. As my friends and I discuss our journeys into our 40s, we discuss our childhoods a lot and the things we learned that we still implement today. We also discuss the things that weren’t […]

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The rep could not have been more knowledgeable or helpful. She was perfect. And I want to tell you that my S1300i scanner is the most wonderful, useful, practical, terrific tool, appliance or machine I have ever owned. I use it many times each day, and it never fails.  It improves my business days. I never travel without it. I traveled the country in my motorhome for a year this last year, and never missed a beat. none of my clients even knew I wasn’t my desk!  Thank you for creating such a great tool!

–Lauren, TX

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