ScanSnap 101: Banking Edition

Friday, November 11, 2016
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This article aims to help you maximize the value of your ScanSnap with suggestions of uses in the Banking industry for Title Companies, Lenders, and Compliance Agents.


For Title Officers:

  1. Communicate easily with outside council by scanning and e-mailing loan or underwriting documents straight to the appropriate party using the ScanSnap Quick Menu.
  2. Stay organized by scanning to sharable folders within a cloud or portal in order to communicate and collaborate with your different stakeholders.
  3. Scan different paper types and sizes all in one batch with ScanSnap, creating hassle-free e-records that can be kept secure, organized, and easily shared to the parties involved in the title discovery and underwriting processes.

For Loan Officers:

  1. Scan credit reports, signed loans and underwriting documents directly into individual applicants’ records to reduce the time it takes to organize and search for information.
  2. Decrease risk and liability by scanning clients’ sensitive documents on the spot with ScanSnap iX100, capturing data while allowing them to keep the original records.
  3. Scan legal size and long documents quickly, without needing to fold, scan, or flip documents.

For Underwriters:

  1. Use OCR and keyword search to quickly check that each applicant’s loan approval package is complete by tagging your documents with critical keywords.
  2. Scan directly into an applicant’s folder within your loan tracking system by using pre-set profiles.
  3. Simply scan-to-email in order to send vendors the documentation they need to release appropriate documentation such as an applicant’s credit checks and property evaluations.

Cristin Padgett
Business Development Representative
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.