ScanSnap’s Top Holiday Tips!

Thursday, December 7, 2017
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  • Getting a lot of mail about your health plan choices for next year? ‘Tis the season for annual enrollment at many companies – keep track of your elections, confirmations, and other paperwork generated by this important task by scanning them with ScanSnap!
  • You may also get mail from your retirement plan about actions you need to complete, annual contribution changes, and investment choices for the coming year. Searchable PDFs will make retrieving all the right information quick and easy.
  • You’ll get holiday cards! Save those sweet sentiments by scanning the cards and the photos that accompany them. You can revisit the memories anytime without rummaging through a dusty box in the closet!
  • Share treasured holiday recipes by scanning and sending by email. Up your game and create a shared “recipe box” by storing your favorites on a cloud service like Evernote, then share the cloud folder with your family and friends. Then everyone can contribute and see recipes – and the crowd faves are at hand anytime.
  • Don’t let those holiday rebates – ScanSnap those receipts and proofs-of-purchase to the processing center. (And be sure to read the form carefully to see if you can apply for your rebate online; it’s usually processed quicker that way.) We can’t make those dreaded “6-8 weeks for delivery” go by any faster, but you’ll smile when the check comes!