How Can I Scan and Share My Documents in the Cloud?

Monday, December 14, 2009
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ScanSnap and Oxygen are joining forces to expand the benefits of the cloud to your desktop file system. By installing Oxygen at no cost, you can easily scan your documents into a folder that connects you to the cloud so you can store, access, edit, manage, and share those files from anywhere with anyone. Gone are the days of USB drives or emailing scanned documents back and forth!

How Can I Scan and Share My Documents in the Cloud?_Oxygen Diagram

To get started, download and install Oxygen with Fujitsu’s activation code: SCANSNAP

Create your Oxygen folders.

Select “Scan to Folder” and choose the specific folder you created:

How Can I Scan and Share My Documents in the Cloud?_Quick Menu

Oxygen creates a folder on your desktop that connects you to the cloud. You can scan and work on those files locally, save them to the folder and they will be automatically available in cloud.

Next, invite others to subscribe to your folder.  All subscribers will automatically have access to all the documents that you scan and save to that folder.  Here’s how:

  1. Right click on the Oxygen folder you wish to share
  2. Select “Oxygen folder subscribers”
  3. Select “Invitations” and click on “Invite Users”
  4. Enter email addresses of people you want to share the folder with, add multiple users and select folder subscription settings for each user
  5. Click “Invite”

How Can I Scan and Share My Documents in the Cloud?_Invite Users

For more on how to set up Oxygen and scan straight to the shared folder, watch this video.

If you have additional questions about how to use Oxygen VFS with your ScanSnap, you can either visit or submit a question to ScanSnap Community’s Ask the Expert page.

Also, be sure to submit your story to Selected stories about how Oxygen helps with storing, accessing and sharing your scanned documents in the cloud will receive an additional 2GB of free storage!

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